Life Journey of MahatmaG

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi known as M K Gandhi was born on 2nd October 1869at Porbandar ,otherwise known as Sudamapuris , of Gujarat state , India.

Right from the childhood, MK Gandhi was humble and simple . But cultivated the will power in any of his ventures ; be it studies or person himself.

After his schooling in Gujarat and soon after his father's death, he was sent to England for higher studies leading to the legal profession as a Barrister . Much against the desire of him to stay back in India .

His will power and determination enabled him to cope with all the hardships he faced during the studies in England .

After returning from England, he practiced the trade that he learned in England : but could not shine due the political and social reasons.

So to make earnings for the family, he was sent on an assignment for consultancy to a Merchant firm in South Africa.

That was the Turning point for Gandhi to become a full fledged barrister .

Later as a Leader to fight for Civil Rights of the people suppressed and ill treated by the then Government in that region.

With lot of expertise and experience , he returned to India .

He got involved in securing and protecting the rights of local people in Gujarat.

Gradually, he made acquaintances with several other political leaders of India and started engaging himself in the activities of Indian National Congress which was raised the first Freedom campaign for the Indians.

With lot of determination and will power, Mahatma Gandhi devised the strategies to secure the Independence in 1947.

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